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What Are Open Ground Outlets?
An outlet that has an open ground is a three prong outlet that is not properly
grounded. The three prongs are the Hot, Neutral, and Ground. . . .
read more about open ground outlets

You Just Had Your Home Inspection. . . . Now What?
Your home inspection is done, your head is spinning, and you
wonder what you should do next . . . .

read more about home inspections

GFI Outlets, GIFC Outlets, GI, GI BILL, GI JOE Outlets!
What the heck are they called? The correct term is GFCI outlets and they
can help save your life!. . . .

read more about GFCI outlets

Reverse Polarity. . . . A common problem and usually an easy repair
An outlet wired reverse polarity is a common mistake that I seem to find on a daily
basis while doing home inspections . . . .

read more about reverse polarity

Mold . . . . A Growing Concern
Could there be something in your house at this very moment that is endangering
the health of you and your loved ones? The answer is yes . . . .

read more about mold

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